"Neil Simon, Broadway Master of Comedy, Is Dead at 91゛

 劇作家のニール・サイモン(Neil Simon)さんが亡くなった。
 わたしの書庫にはアメリカ合州国の劇作家の台本が結構あるのだが、ニール・サイモンさんの台本を収録したものも何冊かあって*1、"Barefoot in the Park"や"Odd Couple"、"Biloxi Blues"などは映画でもよく観た。


By Charles Isherwood

Aug. 26, 2018

Neil Simon, the playwright whose name was synonymous with Broadway comedy and commercial success in the theater for decades, and who helped redefine popular American humor with an emphasis on the frictions of urban living and the agonizing conflicts of family intimacy, died on Sunday in Manhattan. He was 91.

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*1:"The Comedy of Neil Simon"(1973) "The Collected Plays of Neil Simon Volume II"(1980)など。いずれも出版社はAvon。