"The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide" (1979/1985)を購入した

The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide (1979/1985)

 銀座・イエナ書店で、"The Rolling Stone Jazz Record Guide" (1979/1985)を購入した。ローリングストーン誌のレコードガイドブックは、これまでに何冊か買ったことがあるが、ローリングストーン誌によるジャズのレコードガイドブックは初めて購入した。



   Records have been rated from one to five stars, a system carried over from the original Rolling Stone Record Guide, which jazz fans may also find familiar from Downbeat reviews. (One star is the least favorable rating, and five stars the most enthusiastic.) The ratings inevitably represent the particular bias of each reviewer. In some cases there are apparent inequities: If a John Klemmer album gets a higher rating than a Louis Armstrong album, it certainly doesn't mean that Klemmer's better. The ratings reflect the reviewer's opinion of the relative merits of an artist's work over a career. A three-star record from a marginal player is probably not as good as a three-star record from a genius....



Cannonball Adderley

Louis Armstrong

Art Blakey

Clifford Brown

Cab Calloway

John Coltrane

Miles Davis

Bill Evans

Ella Fitzgerald

Hampton Hawes

Billie Holiday

Shirley Horn

Abbey Lincoln

Carmen McRae

Thelonious Monk

Charles ("Yardbird") Parker

Art Pepper

Earl "Bud" Powell

Max Roach

Sonny Rollins

Bessie Smith

Sara Vaughan

Fats Waller