Paul Simon や James Taylor、Jackson Browne で英語を学ぶ

"Paul Simon" Paul Simon (1972)

 "Run That Body Down", "Armistice Day", Paranoia Blues"。

 "Congratulation" は Divorce の唄。

"There Goes Rhymin' Simon" Paul Simon (1973)

 "Kodachrome", "Tenderness", "Take Me To the Mardi Gras", "Something So Right", "One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor", "American Tune", "St. Judy's Commet", "Love Me Like a Rock"。

"Dad Loves His Work" James Taylor  (1981)


 "Hard Times", "Her Town Too", "I Will Follow", "Stand and Fight", "Summer's Here", "Sugar Trade", "That Lonesome Road"。

"The Pretender" Jackson Browne (1976)

 ジャクソン=ブラウンの"The Pretender" (1976)。

 このアルバムの歌うスピードは けっして早くない。むしろ遅いとも思えるが、メッセージはとらえにくい。

 "The Only Child"。