映画"The Graduate" (1967) の台本おこしに挑戦した

The Graduate (1967)




 第一に、compulsion (「衝動強迫」)など。これは明らかに語彙力不足。


 第三に、固有名詞に弱い。人名も苦手だ。Loomis、Halpingham 、the Veranda など。

 第四に、俗語に弱い。Wopがイタリアの蔑称というのは初めて知った。chicks(女の子)は知っていたが、teeny boppers は知らなかった。

 第五に、イディオムや卑語にも当然弱い。たとえば、take stock in oneself (「自分に自信をもつ」「よく反省する」)、hit it off/ hit it off well (「仲良くやる」「仲良くなる」)。少し下品な表現なのだろうが、get off his ass (「怠けるのを止める」)。


・The little red Wop job? (外にある小さな赤のイタリア車だよ)

・the teeny boppers


・That Hopperman award


・(that person) would want to take some stock in himself and his (situation)

・(...think about getting) off his ass

・...would hit it off real well (together)


・There is the Veranda Room





・(I just got) in from Portland


 第一に、冠詞に弱い。文法的にどちらが適切かと問われて時間をかけたら、a と the の違いくらいわかるのだが、冠詞の違いが血肉化していないと言わざるをえない。

 第二に、前置詞に弱い。前置詞の発話は弱音だから、with your future, with your life がもし about your future, about your life だったら日本語の発想に近いから聴き取れたと思うけれど、英語的な発想で、with your future, with your life と発話されると、置いていかれてしまう。

 "Enough said"(「よくわかった」「もう言わなくていい」)のような決まり文句が、スピード速く、さらに小声で発話されると、置いていかれてしまう。

 以下の( )部分は聞き取れた部分。

・(That's Ben's graduation) present

・Won't (you have much trouble picking) them (up) in that, (will you?)

・and then I want to hear all about that thing you won

・(I mean) with (your future)

・With (your life)

・(Oh, that's) a little (hard to say)

・Enough said.


・(Are you ready) in there, feature attraction?

・(Oh, let me) amenda that to...

・Let's get on with the show!

・or I'm out over (200 bucks)

 ・You can admit that, can't you?

・That's what I'd do if I could. 

・Nothing wrong with that.

・you lie there and...

・(whatever you do) with them, are just too (valuable?)

・God knows what

・...over for dinner...

・It's like I've been...

・they're being made up by all the wrong people

・no one makes them up

・I mean ---as far as I know

・When did you decide all this?

・When did you two talk this over?

・Would you happen to know where...           

・(You) need any (gas, Father!)




 弱音で発話される語句に弱い。たとえば弱音で発話されることの多い前置詞は、とり違えることが多い。またthe と our や those など、弱音で発話されるところが不安定だ。あと、it と thatなど。そしてbe 動詞の現在形と過去形など。たとえ弱音だとしても、can と could などは、会話では重要な差異となる。この辺は母語話者にとっては、単純に音の問題というより、頭のなかで、慣習的に文法的に補って理解しているのだろう。純粋に音だけの問題ではない気がする。


    (Right)                                                                   (Wrong)

・we are about to begin our descent into Los Angeles    we are about to begin our descend in Los Angeles

・The sound you have just heard is the landing gear locking into place        The sound you just heard is the ... gear lock in the place.

・could you explain it to them...                              can you explain...

・there's our award winning scholar                      there's the award winning scholar

・Is that the new car out there?                              Is it a new car out there?

・Yes, ma'am                                                           Yes, mom

・I think I'd just like to check something...             I think I just like to check something...

・Hey, here's the track star!                                    Hey, here's a track star!

・Is there an ashtray in here?                                 Is there an ash tray in here?

・I don't feel safe until I get the lights on              I don't feel safe till I get the lights on

・I was glad to to that                                            I was glad to do it

・I don't want to be alone in this house                I don't want to be left alone in this house

・Are you always this much afraid of being alone?   Are you always as much afraid to be alone?

・nearly all of your life                                             nearly all your life

・You must have formed some opinions of me     You must form something of me

・you were a very nice person                                you are a very nice person

・Mr.Robinson will be here any minute and...          Mr.Robinson will be here minute now...

・He should be gone for several hours                  Should be gone for several hours

・Why, no,                                                              Well, no

・It's the worst thing…                                          That's the worst thing...

・I can't remember her as having brown eyes     I don't remember her as having brown eyes

・...pretty tired of all of this suspicion                  ...pretty tired of all this suspicion

・...stop acting that way...                                      ...stop acting this way...

・you're quite the ladies' man                              you're quite a ladies' man

・Your attention, please!                                       You're attention, please!

・...for this afternoon's feature attraction             ...for this afternoon's...attraction

・could we just talk...                                            can we just talk...

・this young man is soon to continue his education...   this young man is soon to continue with education

・and saying is a pretty exciting birthday present     and insane as a pretty exciting birthday present

・And it better work...                                               And better work...

・...amazing feats of daring in water that is over six feet deep   ...amazing feats of daring and water taht is over six feet deep

・It's in the main ballroom                                        It's in the main ball room

・I'm going to find your table                                   I'm going to table

・I will have a martini                                                I will have martini

・Yes, madam                                                            Yes, mom

・Do you want me to get it                                       You want me to get it

・Is anything wrong, sir?                                           Anything wrong, sir?

・I'd rather not go to trouble...                                  I'd rather not to go all the trouble....

・Now I don't know what their policy is                   Now I don't know what the policy is

・Tell you?                                                                 To tell you?

・Well, I want you to know ...                                    Well, I woudn't know ...

・I've got it                                                                 I got it

・I can't do this!                                                          I cannot do this!

・they would say if....                                                  they'd say if...

・They brought me up                                               They've brought me up

・I mean just because you happen to be inadequate in one way...     I mean just because you happened to be inadequate in one way...

・...about graduate school ?                                      ...about Graduate school?

・...what were those four years of college for?          ...what those 4 years of college...

・I just think you two would...                                    I just thank you to...

・In so many words...                                                 So many words...

・if that's the impression you got                             ...that's the impression you got

・Let's not talk at all                                                  Let's not talk it all

・...invite all the Robinson's                                       ...invite all the Robinsons

・could I just tell you this one thing?                       could I just tell you one thing?

・playing some kind of game...                                 playing some kind of games...

・I'm trying to think of where there's a place...         I'm trying think where is the place...

・...a bar in here...                                                      ...a bar here...

・I think you'll want to wait on that                          I think you want to wait on that

・...about us getting married yet                               ...about getting married yet

・Are you a student?                                                Are you student?

・I like to know...                                                      Like to know...

・Are you one of those outside agitators?               Are you one of outside agitators?

・how about this for a coincidence?                       how about this coincidence?

・Where did he say he was going to meet you?     Where did he say he's going to meet you?

・I've been getting to some classes                        Having getting some classes

・Maybe we could get together some time...          Maybe we can get together some time...

・this is the fellow...                                                 this is the fellas

・He certainly is a good walker                               He certainly is a good worker

・Am I late?                                                             Was I late?

・I want you to know...                                           I wanna know...

・she's okay now                                                   it's OK now

・what did you think was going to happen betwwen us?    what did you think is going to happen between us?

・We could go down and get our blood tests...     We can go down and get the blood tests...

・It's a good day for it                                             It's good day for it

・I haven't even said I'll marry you yet                    I haven't even said I'd marry you yet

・I just don't think it would work                            Just don't think it would work

・Can we get our blood tests...                               Can we get a blood test...

・We've known him for years                                 We've known for years

・The day after tomorrow?                                     Day after tomorrow?

・you're to get her out of your filty mind               you have to get her out of your ...mind

・No, I don't believe he is...                                    No, I don't believe...

・I'm sorry we won't be able to invite you...          Sorry. You won't be able to be invited...

・the arrangements have been so rushed              the arrangement's been so rushed

・What the hell...                                                     What's the hell...

・fellows                                                                   fellas

・Where is the Make Out King is getting married...   Where is the make-out-King get married...

・You don't happen to know exactly where...          You don't have no exactly where...

・Maybe at his old man't house                              Maybe hil old man't house

・This is Dr. Smith's Answering Service                   This is Doctor Smith Answering Service

・Is the doctor anywhere?                                       Is a doctor anywhere?

・You should be checking in any moment              You should be check in 

・Reverend                 Reverence

・Allan Street                                                           Allen Street

The Graduate